What we do not understand, we do not possess.



                              Man with a ring (Jan Van Eyck)                                              Portrait of a young woman (Roger Van Der Weyden) 






 Portrait of a young woman (Sandro Botticelli)







            Portrait of a boy (Pinturicchio)                                                   Portrait of a young woman (Ghirlandaio)  








     La belle ferroniere (Leonardo)







 Portrait of a young man (Lucas Cranach)                                                  Portrait of a man (Albrecht Dürer)       








     Portrait of a young man (Giorgione)                                             Portrait of a young man (Franciabigio) 






  Portrait of a man (Michel Sittow)







                Woman with a veil (Raffaello)                                                Portrait of a young man (Andrea Del Sarto) 






Baldassarre Castiglione (Raffaello)







                       Portrait of a gentleman (Domenico Capriolo)                        Portrait of Vittoria Colonna (Sebastiano Del Piombo) 







 Portrait of a young man (Correggio)                                                         Portrait of a man (Frans Hals)  







      Elderly couple (Jan Gossaert)







              The beautiful woman (Tiziano)                                                     Portrait of a man with red hat (Tiziano) 







             Portrait of a halberdier (Pontormo)                                        Portrait of  Lucrezia Valieri (Lorenzo Lotto) 







         Young man at his desk (Hans Holbein)                                             Portrait of a young man (George Pencz)






  Portrait of a woman (Veronese)







   Portrait of a young man (Moretto da Brescia)                                   Portrait of  Lucrezia Panciatichi (Bronzino) 







Portrait of Helene Fourment (Peter Paul Rubens)                                              Boy lighiting a candle (El Greco)          






Portrait of the Artist's mother (Guido Reni)







     Portrait of a woman with a ring (Jan Van Bijlert)                                Portrait of a young man (Gianlorenzo Bernini)  







  Head of an old man (Anthony Van Dick)                                                            Old man (Jan Woutersz)                






    Sleeping child (Bernardo Strozzi)







                              Head of a girl (Judith Leyster)                                                               Portrait of a man (Sebastien Bourdon)          







                 Selfportrait (Michiel Sweerts)                                                                Girl with pearl earing (Jan Vermeer)          





A girl with fruits (Bartolome' Murillo)







              Portrait of a young man (Rembrandt)                                                    Portrait of a man (Velasquez)                   







           Young woman at a window (Ferdinand Bol)                                              Portrait of a man (Salvator Rosa)              







         Portrait of Daniel Bernard (Bartholomeus Van Der Helst)







        Portrait of Beatrice Cenci (Elisabetta Sirani)                                         A cynical philosopher (Luca Giordano)         







                 Selfportrait (Adam Manyoki)                                                       Young man in a hat (Jean Baptiste Greuze)   






 Dona Isabel Cobos (Francisco Goya)







    Portrait of a woman (Théodore Géricault)                                             Un femme folle (Eugène Delacroix)         







                  Le retour du marché (William Bouguereau)                                            Charlotte Dubourg (Henry Fantin-Latour)          






 Mariuccia (Giovanni Sottocornola)







                          Portrait of a young lady (Albert Edelfelt)                              Portrait of Aflaia Coronio (Dante Gabriel Rossetti)